Submitted by: Terry Strand - Chicago, IL

It's one in the morning and just got back from dropping off Gloria at her hotel.

The concert was STUNNING...met up in a rainstorm with Linda, our fearless leader and grabbed a bite before with her and Gloria, Brett and Laurie a few blocks from the studio. Hope I have the names right.

We stood in line under an overhang with a steadily growing line of Peter fans, and found that many of them were members of ths group. Saw Lupita and fans too numerous to list now.

At about 6:45 the doors opened to WTTW, we processed in, and after about a half hour wait in the hot corridors of the studio, [with orchestra members dressed in black passing us with violins and instrument cases] we entered into the absolutely breathtaking, air- conditioned Soundstage. Very intimate, maybe 200 or 300 people I'd say. High ceilings, ethereal colored lighting, swooping boom cameras, tapestries...all the newest and best equipment. Nicely dressed people, no riff-raff.

Amy Grant stood on stage with the milling musicians and stage hands, and at first I thought she was a back up singer. Though I WAS only a mild fan of hers, she completely blew the house away as she did her radio hits for aboout 20 minutes as a kind of soundcheck. She is, dare I say it, HOT! And what a sweet disposition. I can see why Peter said in his interview yesterday that he 'kinda fell in love with her.'

It only got better and better as Peter came out. He was hilarious with his feigned forgetfullness, and greeted the audience with, "O.K., we have time for one more song."

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