"Meet and Greet"
Fan Club Members 2006

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The Frost Amphitheatre at Stamford University
Children's Health Council Fundraising Event
Palo Alto, CA

  Top row left to right: Gloria, Margie, Andrea, Gloria's daughter, Andrea, Gerda, Mishca, Lupe, ChrisL,
2nd Row from left to right: Heather, Laurie, Lorraine
  Fanclub member Laurie presented
this GREAT t-shirt, signed by all the members to Peter
L/R: Shannon and Peter
L/R: Peter and Gloria
L/R: Marge, Laurie and Peter
L/R: Peter and Andrea
L/R: Mischa, Gerda and Denise travelled
from Austria for the concert
L/R: Peter and Heather
L/R: MC, Peter and Nancy
L/R: Peter and Odela



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