This Just In .. March 23, 2013

Peter tours South America in April plus dates in Trinidad and back to the States in May!

1..Apr. 19th-SAO PAULO, Brazil
2..Apr. 21st-PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil
3..Apr. 24th-CURITIBA, Brazil
4..Apr. 26th-CRICIUMA, Brazil
5..Apr. 28th-ASUNCION-Paragauy
6..Apr, 30th-(new) BUENOS AIRES, Argentina
7..May 9th-TBA-Seattle

Go to pC's tour section for details.

This Just In .. June 15, 2012

Hey All,

Thought I would stop by and share my amazing week in Costa Mesa.
Can't believe its been a week since watching Peter hit the stage for three amazing concerts.

These trips are so special to me on so many levels. I've missed seeing Peter and watching him sing. It had been WAY too long. I've missed his "partner in rhyme" Doug G as well as my Badd Daddie budds and of course, the clubbers.

As always, the weather was perfect so I was able to get in much needed lounging time by the pool. And with a great mall across the way, much needed SHOPPING!

The Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall is a beautiful venue with it's high balconies and sweeping staircases filled with adoring fans. But the main attraction was the Pacific Symphony, probably one the best symphonies I've heard in all of the concerts I've attended. Conducted by Richard Kaufman, Peter couldn't give out enough compliments regarding his talent. Peter also gave an honorable mention to the piccolo trumpet player who had perfectly executed his part on GLORY OF LOVE. Special thanks to Peter for informing me as to what instrument that was.

As always, Peter sounded wonderful, putting new spins on the phrasings of the songs. I just LOVED how he performed my favorite song "Restless Heart." The audiences were fabulous and filled with positive energy.

There were also a couple of VIP events that I was lucky enough to attend where I was able to hang with Kenny C and his beautiful family, meet guitarist extraordinaire Chris Pinnick, but missed the opportunity to meet Marilyn McCoo (host of SOLID GOLD and singer) with Billy Davis, Jr.

The MG was also fun for me because not only did I reunite with old friends, but get to meet a bunch of new ones. One couple had travelled from Milan to attend the concert. Big hellos to Linda M, Gerri (still laughing about the last night in the hotel lounge), Gloria, Andrea and others who attempted to bribe me in order to take over my position .. LOL.

As always, big thanks to Doug G for being a great friend and of course to Peter ... always warm, kind and sweet.

Hope to see you all on the road soon!

Much love,


This Just In .. February 25, 2012

Photo Gallery just updated with some great pics submitted by the FANS!

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